By 2020, AYRlabs will provide smokers with the power to break their nicotine dependency and become nicotine-free.


AYRlabs’ team of designers, technologists and scientists are developing AYR+, the most advanced platform to help the world’s one billion smokers quit nicotine for good.

The learnings from the consumer launch of AYR in 2018 will provide the first opportunity to capture data. This will inform key development features to ensure the success of AYR+ in supporting smoking cessation.



AYR+ will combine an intuitive vaping experience that smokers understand, with real-time coaching via a connected app. Unlike any other solution, AYR monitors the exact amount of nicotine consumed and therefore can provide smokers with the insight and support needed to reduce nicotine levels and ultimately become nicotine-free.

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AYRlabs will provide all anonymised data, free of charge, to the medical and academic community so that they may use our learnings to advance their research into the eradication of cigarettes.

Public Health England and leading academics in the UK and Europe are aware of our plans and regard this opportunity as a transformative step towards providing a better understanding of smoking behaviour.


AYRlabs is engaged with the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), who support the introduction of a medically approved and connected vapour product.


Significant support by the medical community for vapour. 



Public Health England

An expert review of the latest evidence concludes that e-cigarettes are around 95% safer than smoked tobacco and they can help smokers to quit.

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Royal College of Physicians

Switching completely from tobacco to e-cigarettes achieves much the same in health terms as does quitting smoking and all nicotine use completely.

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British Medical Association 

“We believe that e-cigarettes have the potential to make an important contribution towards the BMA’s ambition of achieving a tobacco-free society.”

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NHS Stoptober website

“E-Cigarettes area great way to help combat nicotine cravings and carry a fraction of the risk of cigarettes.”

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Royal Society for Public Health

“Nicotine is no more harmful to health than caffeine.”

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Action on Smoking and Health

“Vapour continues to be the most successful path to quitting for smokers.”


Crucial to the success of AYR+ is the delivery of real-time information, so smokers can see just how much nicotine they are actually consuming. Until now, there has been no way to track inhalation. The opportunity to understand the behaviour of smokers who are vaping at a “per puff” level, and to identify the unique winning behaviours that ultimately result in cessation, makes the app a fundamental feature of AYR+.

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A key element of the success of AYRlabs in creating our cessation product has been the role of the companion app. By combining the two, we created a real-time information loop, one in which academics have shown great interest.


The use of apps in smoking cessation attempts has proved beneficial to users.

The use of apps in smoking cessation attempts has proved beneficial to users. The combination of a connected device, with remote coaching modelled on NHS Stop Smoking Services, as recommended by NICE, could prove a tremendous breakthrough in smoking cessation. 

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01. Brief Interventions

Involves opportunistic advice, discussion, negotiation or encouragement and referral to more intensive treatment triggered by monitored events on the app.

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02. Individual Remote Behaviour Counselling

Video call meetings between smoker and counsellor. 


03. Virtual Group Behaviour Goal Setting

Shared tracking of goals where smokers receive information, advice and behavioural intervention, and can encourage each other.


04.  Triggered & Targeted Self Help Materials

Digital video and audio programs and podcasts presented through a content section within the app.


The coaching would be triggered by real-time data and would look to include the elements shown here:

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