Non-Clinical Assessment

Formulation Composition

Our liquids will have passed rigorous toxicological testing to ensure that exposure by inhalation as acceptable for adult use.  All ingredients used in the formulations will be fully traceable and approved.

Formulation Evaluation

We have evaluated a list of suggested pharmaceutical development testing pertaining to AYR+. These development tests will be conducted on more than one batch so that batch variability is taken into account. We will also employ a range of techniques required for quality control (QC) testing necessary for batch release.

Aerosol Characterisation

These tests include nicotine and related substances, emissions, delivered dose and particle size characterisation. The bulk of these are scheduled during later stages of development of AYR+ when the formulations and device have been optimised.

Stability Studies

Our device and liquid formulations will continue to undergo extensive stability studies. The results of these studies dictate formulations optimisation, all product specification and all labelling.